Create Alerts

Get notified when data in your dashboard changes.

Alerts are a powerful tool which brings a very important feature, get notified when data changes. In order to be activated, these alerts will need to meet a certain condition, for example, an alert which will be triggered when total sales are more or equal than 500$.

To create alerts, we firstly need to have/create a dashboard where we will be putting our tiles with data that we want to notify us when changes. Alerts can be set in your personal workspace. Also, it can be set on workspaces with premium capacity or if you have the pro license. Other thing to have in mind, only KPI, Cards and Gauges can be alerts.

Creating a dashboard is very simple. First, you need to enter in your personal workspace (or a shared one), click on New -> Dashboard and create it with the name of your choice, for this article I will call it “Dashboard Tutorial”

Once the dashboard is created, we will be adding our tiles there with the data we want to notify us when changes.

First, we need to pin a tile in the dashboard. To do this, we need to go inside our report, choose the Card/KPI/Gauge we want and pin it to our dashboard clicking the “Pin” icon. 

If we, did it correctly, it will be in our dashboard as a tile

Now, with our tile in the dashboard, the next and most important step is creating the alert. If we hover the mouse over the tile, we can see in the top right corner three dots, click them. A menu will appear, go to “Manage Alerts”

Now, in the Manage Alerts tab, we need to add a rule for the alert, in my example, I want to get notified when my sales surpass 15,000 with a maximum notification of 1 per day. Once we set the rule how we want, our last step is clicking on Save and Close.

When the alert is triggered, a bell will appear above our alert in the dashboard (and if we clicked the “Send me email, too” option, an email will be sent to us too.)

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