Row Level Security

Restrict data Access to certain users

In Power BI Service, roles can be assigned to users, filtering data they can access it. This doesn’t restrict the access to the Datasets.

To do this, firstly, you need to define roles and his appropriate rules in Power BI Desktop, specifying what data is going to be filtered to that type of user. In the modeling tab, click on Manage Roles -> Create

After creating the role, you need to click in every table you want to filter with a DAX expression (only can be TRUE/FALSE). In this example, I will create a role for Spanish users, filtering only sales made in Spain. Once we are done, in the bottom right corner, we click Save. Roles are assigned in the Power BI Service to each user.

This Row Level Security filter, by default, uses single-directional filters. To able bi-directional filters with RLS integrated, you only need to click on “Apply security filter in both directions”

To test it how will look, in the modeling tab, click on View As -> “Your role” (In this example case, Spain). Also, you can set several roles simultaneously, as a user can have more than one or set a specific user.

Assign roles to user it’s very simple. You can add members external to your organization, but you can’t add Groups created in Power BI. In the Power BI Service go to your Dataset -> Security and assign each user to his role.

To validate everything works fine and the role has been assigned properly, click more options right to the role and “Test as role” (pics)

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