Workspace Access in Power BI

Assign roles and permissions with it in your workspace

When you add a person to a Workspace the first thing that should be kept in mind is what level of permissions you want to grant. In Power Bi exists 4 roles of access that allow different types of modifications in the Workspace, being Admin the role with more permissions and Viewer the less.

How to add a user and assign a role in your workspace

In order to add a user, you need to be in your workspace and find the button “access”, click it.

After it, a window will open and there you can select the level of access you want to give. This is possible to select in the window below the email.

Once the role is assigned, you can change it later in the access window and clicking the more options icon of the user.

Best Practices:

  • Fewer Admins as possible.
  • Assign the lowest role permission possible for the task to do.
  • Assign Admin role if needed to have all the permissions in the workspace.
  • Assign Member role if needed to change permissions but not change the admin permissions.
  • Assign Contributor role if needed to upload or change data in the workspace.
  • Assign Viewer role if only needed to read data.

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