Specify a type when creating new columns Power BI

When working with data in Power BI you often find the need to create a new column, which can be done from the transform data label “add column”. Once in there you choose which way to create the column is more useful in your case, to serve as an example I will be using the custom column option.

After selecting our option, a window will appear to let you enter whichever formula you want to use for your new custom column. Here you can choose the name and the data of the new column, but there is no button to choose the type so, what do we do?

Well, since there seems to be no other option, we click OK and we will find the new column does not have a proper type. We could add it on a new step, but that’s not what we want. Instead, we are going to specify the desired type on our formula bar as shown:

With this your data type should be successfully changed.